Book Reviews: Civil Rights and American History

Plus, Slavery in the Ancient World, Mandela Fighitng Apartheid in South Africa

These quick book reviews include links to our YouTube videos and blogs on Civil Rights and American History topics, plus related topics.

These topics include:

  • Slavery in America.
  • Civil War History.
  • Reconstruction Era, Redemption and Jim Crow Era.
  • Civil Rights History, and American History.
  • Slavery in the Ancient World, including Greece, Rome, and ancient Israel.
  • Nelson Mandela fighting Apartheid in South Africa.

Notice: Many older works can be found for free on the internet.

Souls of Black Folk, by WEB Dubois

WEB Dubois can be a very flowery writer, like he fashions himself a modern-day Homer, but he can also turn some rather memorable phrases, and he is always fun to read.

Our first video and blog discuss his essays on:

  • His agreements and disagreements with Booker T Washington on how blacks should seek their civil rights.
  • His experiences as a young teacher in the post-Civil War Reconstruction Era Deep South.
  • His experiences as a young father with his firstborn son.
  • The educational opportunities at black schools and colleges.

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FUTURE PLANS: During July, 2021, we will be adding book reviews for:

Up From Slavery, autobiography by Booker T Washington

Black Reconstruction, by WEB Dubois

From Slave to Priest, biography of Father Augustine Tolton

The Life of Frederick Douglass, slave autobiography

Second Founding, by Eric Foner

Long Walk to Freedom, autobiography by Nelson Mandela

Books read for: Slavery in Ancient Rome and Greece, Slavery in Bible, Stoics, and Church Fathers

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