NO PROFANITY.  NO VULGARITY.  Not even of the Clark Gable variety.

NO NAME CALLING.  NO TRASH TALKING.  Please, do not criticize other denominations.  In particular, on this blog, the Pope is NOT the W**** OF BABYLON.

Please, no proselytizing.  If you do not think someone is saved, you should pray for them, but don’t tell them about their fate on my blog.

Please, only comment on the items discussed on the blog, and only comment if you have actually read the blog.  If you wish to make intelligent comments you should also read the books being discussed.

Please, in particular avoid contentious topics, especially if they are not being discussed, such as evolution, veneration of Mary, creationism, etc.

If you truly wish to follow the Ten Commandments, an extremely shallow understand of Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness is that this only means, DO NOT LIE.  It means more than that, it means you should guard the reputation of your neighbor, and if you don’t have anything good to say about someone, be quiet.

So, if you plan on saying anything, or posting anything, ask yourself, Will this thought enhance the reputation of your neighbor?  Will this thought make my neighbor a slightly better person for hearing or reading it?  If not, be quiet.