St Augustine

On Christian Doctrine Blog 4: Steps To Wisdom

What are the steps to Wisdom? St Augustine teaches us there are seven steps to wisdom. Fear of God, the beginning of wisdom, is the first step. “We should be led by the fear of God to seek the knowledge of His will, what He commands us to desire, what we should avoid.” Fear of God should make us mindful of our mortality, so we will always remember our death before us, so we can crucify our pride “as if our flesh were nailed to the tree.”

We are as quick to forget Fear of God as we are slow to remember our mortality, as we are reluctant to accept our suffering, as we are quick to seek cheap grace and an easy faith. Fear of God is like sweating in Church, Loving God in an air-conditioned sanctuary is what we seek. But Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and the end of wisdom is seeking the Love of God. […]

St Augustine

On Christian Doctrine, Blog 1, Love of God and Neighbor

St Augustine’s key work, On Christian Doctrine, is translated often as On Christian Teaching, teaches us how to read Scriptures and teach and spread our faith to our neighbors. What is the core of this work? We should Love God with all of our heart and with all of our soul and with all of our mind and with all of our strength, and we should love our neighbor as ourselves. If we do not love our neighbor, we cannot Love God, and if we do not Love God and our neighbor, we cannot fathom Scripture, let alone deign to teach and preach the Scriptures. […]